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Welcome to the Animal Jam Dens Wiki! We are a Fandom-based community that creates articles about dens and den ideas created in the online game Animal Jam. We currently have 117 pages all dedicated to Animal Jam Dens! All users are free to create pages that follow the Page Making Guides linked below as well as in the top navigation bar. Alongside creating pages, you can discuss your dens, make blog posts, and chat live with other users. Before editing, please read over our rules to help us keep our community safe, efficient, and happy.Feel free to reach out to a staff member with concerns or questions, and enjoy the wiki!

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Wiki Updates

Wiki Updates

July 20th, 2020
The nomination form has been released! It can be found in the discussion post and to the right.


July 17th, 2020
The AJ Dens Wiki is soon to be adding a weekly featured article or den creation! Look out for the nomination google form that will be coming out this Monday. More information about featured creations and users can be found to the right.


Feature of the Week

This week's feature is Jammer2dnn45’s Wooden Themed Den! Jammer2dnn45's Wooden Themed Den has sturdy tables and arm chairs inside with teacups and books. The outside contains a garden and a fire drum as well. For more information, see the page about it!

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Every week, the Animal Jam Dens Wiki will select a den idea, decorated den, or den decorating user that will be showcased here on the homepage of the wiki as well as in a discussion post to be updated weekly! Users can nominate den creations or den decorators to be featured each week using this google form. A new feature arrives every Monday, and every feature will have a page created about it if a page about one doesn't already exist. We hope you look forward to the creativity to be showcased weekly!

Credits + Thanks

Thanks to the Animal Jam Users Wiki for information about some of our den decorators listed here.
Credit to Animal Jam Archives for the information and images they provide.
Many thanks to the Animal Jam Wiki as well for the information they provide about dens listed here.
Credit to Mothleaf for wiki badge art and wiki wordmark creation.

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Featured Creations